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Now What?

My new job started off great.  My colleagues were nice, I had the flexibility that working moms can only dream of, and I was doing the same thing I had done for the previous decade but with a much larger company - easy peasy, as my daughter says.  Once the newness wore off though, it...

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Reset Button

My leave of absence was just what I needed to feel better (but was also the beginning of a downward spiral into a state of denial). It was summertime in Boston, which is pretty much magical in any given year, but we were coming off a winter with record breaking snow, so it was that...

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OMG, I’m Dying

Of course, I did not stay off the internet.  It was a personal challenge.  How deep into the interwebs could I go and how long could I stay in without taking a breath?  I had a brain AVM. It didn’t take me long to discover the worst outcomes imaginable.  I read the websites over and...

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What Did You Say?

John was a fussy baby.  We had trouble nursing, and it seemed I just couldn’t get the timing of the feedings quite right.  On top of that, I had a hard time dealing with my dad’s cancer, which doctors officially confirmed the day we brought John home from the hospital (he was two days old). ...

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